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Dorsey Dick


Dorsey Dick

Cross-Cultural Programs Assistant

Ya’teeh/Mayk (“Hello” in Dine/Nuche) I am Dorsey Francis John Dick. I am Kinlichini (Redhouse Clan)born for Todichinii (Bitter Water Clan) my Maternal grandfather’s clan is Naashteezhi Tabaaha (ZuniWater Edge Clan) and my Paternal Grandfather’s clan is Ashiihi (Salt Clan).

I reside on the Ute MountainUte Reservation in Towaoc Colorado, I am originally from Naaki Toh (Mexican Water, Utah). I am Navajo/Paiute and ties going back to Hopi/Zuni.

This conservation work has always been held high in my values because to be Indigenous is to be brought up knowing that mother earth is to be protected, to beloved and cared for. With my position I feel as if I can do that work in aiding Mother Earth or as in Dine, we say ‘Keyah’. For example, many times have I been able to go and speak about something I hold dear, like protecting the land, or have been able to support projects from traditional harvest to removing invasive species or working with youth on restoration.

This job has allowed me to mesh culture with the ever-changing world while also being able to say “Aheehee”, or thank you, to those before and after me for being able to do this work.

What drives me to do this work is that anything is possible, that your culture or orientation should never excuse you from monumental opportunities.