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Rick Chischilly


Rick Chischilly


Rickcardo or ‘Rick’ is an aspiring Navajo artist who loves to work outdoors and with others.

His childhood was marked by moving back and forth from the loud and overwhelming city of Phoenix, to the quiet and serene drylands of the Navajo Nation. Upon his arrival to Colorado, Rick discovered a newfound passion for the outdoors and Mother Nature as he was further educated on agriculture.

The reciprocity of farming opened new doors and a new world he never knew existed, full of other beautiful human beings that have the same love for the earth. As an intern at Fozzie’s Farm, he is excited to figure out how we can be more efficient farmers while using less water.

Through the Agriculture Immersion program, Rick was able to learn an even greater deal of what we do at Fozzie’s and what it means to be part of the MLC family.