Ivins Ranch Conservation Easement Completed!

Ivins Ranch, Dolores County Colorado

Today, the Ivins Family conveyed a conservation easement on their 6,750 acre ranch in central Dolores County. The completion of this and the Crescent Ranch conservation easement represent more than 11,000 acres of protected land in the Groundhog Glade area! [pullquote]“It is hard to run a ranch on what we make off the ranch,” Ivins says. “The conservation easement is a really nice way to keep the ranch running as it is and not have to sell off pieces for development.”[/pullquote]

“We believe in conservation. There are deer and elk, bear and turkeys, and mountain lions up there. We want to keep it as it is and it is the best way in the world to raise children.”

Many partners helped make this project possible, including Great Outdoors Colorado, the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program and the Packard Foundation. The property contains stellar habitat for a variety of wide ranging mammals as well as 3/4 of a mile of Bear Creek. Director of Conservation Initiatives, Nina Williams had this to say about the project, “Working with DeAnn Ivins and the rest of the Ivins Family has been a pleasure and an honor — protection of this Ranch ensures the continued beauty and productivity of this landscape.”

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