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Conservation Plan

Montezuma Land Conservancy has a vision for the future of our community.

Through diligent research, reaching out to community members, and focusing on areas we believe are most at risk of losing their rural integrity, MLC compiled a comprehensive Strategic Conservation Plan that will act as a reference point and guide as we move forward as an organization.

We have made our conservation plan available to public.  Within it you will find detailed maps, strategic goals, and our areas of focus.  We hope it will give you a glimpse into the work we do, our strategic goals, and our plan for the future both as an organization and a partner in the community.

MLC could not have created this plan without the broad help and support from our Board, the input we received from the local community, and the technical assistance received from the Sonoran Institute, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and Dan Perlman, among many others.

You can download the plan in by clicking here: MLC Strategic Conservation Plan