Reddert – Menefee Ranch

Ryan Brown statement on behalf of family regarding completed Reddert – Menefee ranch easements with MLC:

The family has been attached to this land in a way that’s hard to describe, but which I’m sure a lot of people will understand. As kids my brothers and I rode it regularly with our grandfather Fred Reddert, known to many as ‘Doc’, and even once with our grandmother Lottie, who still rode sidesaddle. My mother Norma Brown rode it many years before with George Menefee, who was Fred’s step-father, and she still walks it regularly with her thistle cutters. Generations of local ranchers and others have helped work the ranch, including members of the Lewis, Halls, Ignacio, Ismay, Semadini, Robbins, and Cox families. Together with my aunt Naomi Reddert, my mother and father and brothers and I are happy to be able to help preserve this bit of Mancos Valley heritage, and we are thankful to MLC for helping us make it possible. We hope the place will give our own kids some of the perspective it’s given us, and that future generations will continue to enjoy the views up Echo Basin Road.


  1. Thank you, Cousin Ryan, for your testimonial here. This distant cousin is smiling through happy tears.

    I will never forget the blessed day I spent with Cousin Lottie (your grandma) on the ranch. We had been corresponding for a couple years, but never met before. She greeted my husband, young daughters and I at the door with a stove-top pan in her hand and a big smile. She announced we were all sitting down to enjoy a cocoa together. I had never had hot cocoa in the warmth of that 1992 summer, and she made a believer of me. I have never tasted a cocoa as good as Lottie’s since, no matter what time of year! ~ Lynn

    I learned much of my grandmother’s childhood (Josie McGuire Wilson), and all our shared Walker clan, thanks to Lottie that day. I was happy to learn of how important the land was to her – in natural history and human as well (such as archealogy). I cannot express what a relief to learn the Reddert-Menefee Ranch continues to be beloved and protected and in family’s care.

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