What Does The Land Trust Do?

Montezuma Land Conservancy is here as a service organization to landowners.  We visit with landowners to provide information and hear about their vision for their land.  If landowners wish to, Montezuma Land Conservancy will assist the landowner will all phases of the conservation easement process and make sure that the easement is effective.

After a conservation easement is completed and recorded with the County Clerk, Montezuma Land Conservancy is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the development restrictions that the landowner chooses to place on the land.  To do this, the land trust visits the easement property and meets with the landowner(s) at their convenience.  The landowner and the land trust both check that the land remains in the condition prescribed by the easement. These regular visits with landowners provide an opportunity to discuss the land, the conservation easement, and any needs, concerns or difficulties that the landowner may have. This communication helps to avoid misunderstandings and keeps new landowners informed.  If a visit reveals that the easement has been violated, the land trust works first to find a cooperative solution with the landowner to address the violation, but is ultimately responsible to stop the violation, and require that the property be restored to its original condition.

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