It was a another beautiful blue sky summer day for MLC’s annual member picnic. About 75 people arrived to enjoy one of our favorite conserved properties. Val and Deanna Truelsen hosted us at their beautiful 311 acre conserved property along the Dolores River for the annual member picnic.
Val gave a short talk on the history of the property and then took folks on a walk in the beautiful meadows across the river where to the delight of all continued to tell many stories about the history of the people who lived and worked there. The property has been in the Trueslen family since the 1940’s and was once the location of a thriving fish hatchery. Roaring Fork flows through the property into the Dolores River which is surrounded by towering Blue Spruce, red cliffs and several beaver ponds.
Dan and Anita Fernandez, MLC members who also have an easement on their property in Dove Creek, braved the heat and manned the grills preparing burgers and hot dogs with plenty of great food and conversation for everyone to enjoy.
Jon Leibowitz, our outgoing Executive Director, spoke about his time at MLC, sharing the many accomplishments of the last year, the promising future ahead and giving us all a chance to say thank you for his years of wonderful and innovative leadership at MLC.
Jay Loschert, MLC’s Outreach and Education Coordinator and manager at Fozzie’s Farm, gave an update on the wonderful things happening as MLC reaches out to the community at Fozzie’s Farm. In the last several months over 150 students have had hands on experience learning about water resources, irrigation and soil conservation as well as over 100 adults who have had the opportunity to attend workshops or volunteer on the farm.
Lindsay Yarbrough, Administrative Assistant, and the person who keeps everything at MLC running smoothly, talked about her work as the administrator of MLC’s fiscal management of the Montezuma Inspire Coalition and what lies ahead with the submission of the final implementation grant to Great Outdoors Colorado. If awarded the grant will provide three years of funding to create opportunities and access to get kids outside and connected to the land.
Marianne Mate, Director of Philanthropy and Special Events thanked everyone for attending, thanked them for their support and gave an update on MLC’s new Conservation Partner business membership program as well as inviting members to join her and get out on the land to see and learn more about the work that MLC has done and continues to do.
As another summer begins MLC is grateful for the opportunity to say thank you to our members and share what your support means to conserving land in this beautiful place we live.

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