Ferdinand the Bull and Family Arrive at Fozzie’s Farm

Cattle ranching has a long history in southwest Colorado and Ken and Kathy Lausten and their family are carrying on that heritage here in Montezuma County.

The Lausten family recently moved Ferdinand the bull and some cow calf pairs onto Fozzie’s Farm for summer grazing.  This is the first grazing lease for Fozzie’s Farm and it was a fun day for the Lausten family with their two young children, Lucas and Lacey, taking part in getting the cattle settled in their new pasture.

Jay Loschert, our Outreach and Education Coordinator and Fozzie’s Farm manager, had the opportunity to learn how the Laustens’ manage moving their cattle. They shared how stress affects the cows and how they work hard to minimize it.  One cow with an ornery reputation separated herself and calf from the rest of the herd, but Ken and family quietly and gently coaxed her to the pasture.  The bull, Ferdinand, was very focused on following one of the heifers.  The kids told Jay how they can actually feed him by hand when he is at home on their ranch.  They clearly have relationships with the animals and know their personalities well and shared how the cows are approachable and really enjoy human attention.

Leasing pasture for grazing to Ken and his family is just one of the ways Fozzie’s Farm is working towards becoming a sustainable working farm. Soon we’ll have our first cut of hay, eradicate some invasive weeds, put in a cover crop and hold more workshops for local farmers and ranchers. Our goal is to create a model of sustainable agriculture for the community and share what we are learning with local farmers and ranchers while we continue to learn how to be the best caretakers of this beautiful piece of land.

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