It was a perfect day for trail work at Geer Park Saturday May 6th. With some high clouds above, over 20 wonderful volunteers spent the morning at Geer Park building a new trail and improving existing trails.

With guidance from the trail building veterans of Southwest Colorado Cycling Association a new connection to the Beatles Tour trails was developed off of Mildred just north of the hospital providing great new access to bikers, runners and hikers. Geer Park has over 9 miles of trails with the recent addition of a 40-acre conservation easement donated by Keith Evans expanding the trail system and providing even more great opportunities to hike and bike right next to Cortez.

“It was hard work but it was really fun to meet new people and hang out with friends” said one of the volunteers.

Montezuma Land Conservancy and the City of Cortez hosted the event with burgers, brats and beers for all the great volunteers who spent the morning digging in the dirt and building and improving trails at Geer Park.

To learn more about the event and trail improvements click on the link below.



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