Predator and Prey-Building Raptor Poles at Fozzies Farm

Getting kids out on the land is more important now than ever. With so much of their time spent on their digital devices it’s great to get students out in the sunshine, getting hands on experience working on projects that they know will make a difference.

Nineteen students from Southwest Open School in Cortez had a fun day out at Fozzie’s Farm to help build and erect raptor poles and reseed some of the bare ground at Fozzie’s. Fozzie’s has too many prairie dogs and attracting raptors like the Harris Hawk pictured here will help control the population and create a healthier farm. Charles Littlejohn brought his Harris Hawk to the farm and gave them the chance to ask lots of questions and pet this beautiful raptor.

The students had the opportunity to be a part of hands on conservation and to learn about some of the challenges farmers face in creating a healthy farm environment. Jay Loschert, our Outreach and Education Coordinator, spoke to the students about how most farmers are forced to use poison or gas to control prairie dogs and how using raptors provides a more natural solution in controlling the prairie dog population.

Days like this happen because of our wonderful community. Ken Lausten volunteered his equipment, Barbara Stagg took some great photos and John Gillat worked with the students in building the poles. Empire Electric made a generous donation of 8 utility poles and Southwest Seed donated the native grass seeds for the reseeding project.

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