Room to Roam for Wildlife

For generations, ranchers and farmers have been some of the best land stewards around, and their working landscapes help to sustain plant and wildlife habitat year round.  However, with costs of running a sustainable operation on the rise the pressures on landowners to sell their land, threatens a way of life that provides so much value to our community. As land becomes more fragmented and densely populated natural wildlife corridors diminish and this valuable resource to wildlife becomes threatened.

The Good News

From the high alpine elevations of Groundhog Glade to McElmo Canyon wildlife is on the move this fall.

With over 44,500 acres of conserved land in Montezuma, Dolores and San Miguel counties protected forever wildlife has more room to roam and migrate with the seasons. Conservation easements in our region provide protections for important wildlife habitat for a variety of species, from big game to migrating birds and waterfowl, to endangered and threatened species like Gunnison sage grouse and lynx.

From Groundhog Glade to the beautiful Dolores River Valley, McElmo Canyon and the farms that run to the rim of the lower Dolores Montezuma Land Conservancy (MLC) has partnered with willing landowners to preserve land that provides critical habitat for elk, deer, bobcat, mountain lion, bear, river otter, cutthroat trout and lynx as well as many other species.

The stewards of these lands are preserving more than their ranch or their farm, they are preserving a place for wildlife to thrive and a way of life that otherwise might disappear in the future.

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