Meet Our Staff

Emily Spahn

Marketing and Communications Fellow

Emily was born in Kansas but predominantly grew up in Maryland. Her family moved to Malawi, in Southeast Africa, when she was in high school and she lived there on and off for five years. It was there where she was introduced to the complexities of land conservation. While working in the economic development department of the US Embassy, Emily worked on a project about tobacco farming and its sustainability as the main export of the small county. She also was involved in discussions about protecting the Mulanje Cedar, an endangered endemic species, and how to balance conservation with protecting the local businesses who depended upon it. Emily attended the University of Denver where she graduated with a degree in International Studies with minors in Psychology and Marketing. She continued on to her Masters where she combined her interests and studied Behavior Change Communication for Global Health. In Denver, Emily fell in love with the outdoors and travelled around the country rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. However, she soon realized that access to the outdoors and open spaces is severely based on socioeconomic circumstances so she started learning about how she could play a role in increasing equity. As a result, Emily decided to accept an AmeriCorps position in Cortez, Colorado with a local action team, or a conglomerate of like-minded local organizations, who focused on child abuse prevention. It was there that she also got involved in Montezuma Land Conservancy’s “Next Generation Board.” After her AmeriCorps term ended, Emily decided to dive in deeper with her work with MLC and is now using her systems-based mentality to strategically reach members of the local community in order to increase access to the outdoors and conserve land for generations to come.