Redburn Ranch

In December of 2006, Montezuma Land Conservancy closed on the approximately 300-acre Redburn Flying R Ranch in the Dolores River Watershed. The San Juan Skyway splits the property allowing drivers to enjoy views of the irrigated pastures gently sloping down to the Dolores River, the historic barn, and the red sandstone cliffs rising above the highway to the west. Approximately 2 miles of the Redburn Flying R Ranch border the San Juan National Forest. Conservation of the Flying R Ranch was a truly unique opportunity.

The Redburn Flying R Ranch was assembled by James Ben Millard, who came to the area at the age of 12. The Ranch is a compilation of the Gould, Rust, Garrison, and Millard homesteads. Ben Millard built the barn that still stands today in 1908 using boards made from pine trees that grew in what was is now the big field. The red stone lower cow and horse barn was constructed of stones cut from below the rim rock. Ben ran the ranch as a cow-calf operation before switching to sheep in 1918 and grew potatoes and hay.

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