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Terry Schupp

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Terry Schupp

Board Member

Having grown up in the agriculture environment in South Dakota, I have always had a strong interest in conservation and the preservation of our lands. As time moved on I became more involved in conservation groups in helping preserve habitat for wildlife and educating more people in the importance of maintaining the lands for wildlife and public use.

Currently, I am involved in the Arizona Antelope Foundation, Arizona Big Horn Sheep Society, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, to name a few.

I feel being a part of Montezuma Land Conservancy complements my interests in conserving wildlife habitat. Over the years I have spent countless hours in the field doing habitat improvements for wildlife. I have enjoyed spending my time with people with similar passions who are willing to get their hands dirty. Equally important has been my time spent in the board room putting plans together to provide pathways to put these lands into protection. I enjoy being involved in both sides of the equation.