Community Programs

Fozzie’s Farm

Our Education Hub

Fozzie’s Farm was put under a conservation easement with MLC in 2006 by the landowners at the time.

In 2016, those landowners, a couple of longtime locals and land conservation champions, donated the property to MLC for us to turn into our education hub and demonstration site for Community Conservation initiatives.

In 2019, we finished the construction of the Fozzie’s Farm classroom on the property and launched into hosting agricultural education programming, paid internships, landowner workshops, and loads of school field trips.

To date, we have served more than 4,000 visitors and program participants at Fozzie’s!

Find the farm at 19760 Road W, Lewis, CO 81327.

Call us at 970-516-0304.

Soil Health and Farm Management Improvement

Our team is investing in soil health at Fozzie’s Farm through best practices such as utilizing cover crop, minimizing disturbances, maintaining living roots, encouraging biodiversity, and integrating livestock through grazing leases.

By increasing soil organic matter, we increase the soil’s water holding capacity, a necessary adaptation as ongoing drought and climatic changes make our irrigation water less reliable.

Our goals with soil health improvement are to conserve water at Fozzie’s and to model this method for other farms and ranches in our area.

Rent the Classroom!

Do you have a group needing space for meetings or an event? Hosting a workshop or giving a presentation?

The Fozzie’s Farm classroom space is open for the community to use! Enjoy a beautiful classroom with all the amenities including: tables, chairs, ADA compliant bathrooms, projector and whiteboards.

The classroom is available for individual rental or you can join our cause through an annual membership for reduced rates and know that you’re supporting a great cause!

Find the farm at 19760 Road W, Lewis, CO 81327.

Call us at 970-516-0304.

Programs at Fozzie’s

From educational field trips to paid internships, landowner workshops, and our signature Agriculture Immersion Program, we’ve got lots of opportunities for our community members to get outside and engage at the farm!

To learn more about Fozzie’s Farm programs and ways to get involved, please visit our Community Conservation page.