About Us

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, & Belonging

Bill Hatcher

Our programs are intended to serve all individuals and communities. We believe that the natural world supports life and that access to nature is important for healthy individuals and communities.

Like a functioning ecosystem, we understand that diversity within our organization, programs, and communities leads to a healthier, more just, and beautiful world.

Unfortunately, due to historical and present injustices, not all individuals and communities have equitable access to the natural world. We acknowledge the many ways in which people, communities, and cultures connect to the land, and believe land trusts have both the opportunity and responsibility to support equitable and culturally relevant access to land.

In this spirit, Montezuma Land Conservancy (MLC) commits itself to listening to our diverse communities, creating programs and projects that honor and respect these different perspectives, and growing ourselves as individuals and an organization to make conservation relevant, meaningful, and beneficial for all.

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