Conservation & Stewardship

Conserved Lands

Jeffrey Mueller

Meet landowners who made the important decision to protect their special land, now and for future generations.

MLC currently holds easements to 91 conserved properties totaling nearly 47,000 acres of land. Take a tour of a few of these conserved lands. You can sort lands by the conservation values protected on them: Agriculture, Wildlife Habitat, Public Access, Archaeological Sites, Scenic Open Space, or simply browse them all.

Interested in protecting land?

Jeffrey Mueller

Reddert Ranch

barn in the valley during the summer
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Redburn Ranch

Hawkins Preserve

large tree limbs on the ground for climbing

Fozzie’s Farm

Fetterman Easement

farm in the distance
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Coulon Ranch

Mountain in the distance
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Brumley Ranch

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East Hoffman Ranch

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Murphy Farm